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Cima has extensive experience designing and executing non-traditional campaigns to deliver superior results by reaching consumers in direct one-to-one environments. Every campaign is different because every project has unique objectives. Our imagination has taken campaigns in many interesting directions and captured the lasting attention of millions of targeted consumers.


Radio Spotlight

Designed to generate Ratings & Revenue.

Cima produces and distributes a 1-minute radio vignette to promote the release of major films. Vignettes feature the biggest stars in Hollywood talking about the making of the film in a fun and interesting format. The segment airs on over 1,500 radio stations prior to the release of the film.

Generate Revenue with Cutting Edge Content Featuring The Biggest Celebrities and The Hottest Films…This 1-Minute vignette is uniquely designed for Programming and Sales. It features a highly produced :60-second Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of today’s most popular films with commentary from the stars. It’s NOT a commercial… but it fits within the confines of your clock and is an ideal Feature for a Sponsor once you include Opening and Closing Billboards. Position your station as a direct link to Hollywood. We’ve also provided you with additional commentary from the stars allowing you to produce custom segments with your talent (transcribed dialogue included).


Swimsuit – Macy’s and Perry Ellis


Publisher: Little Brown

Partners: Macy’s and Perry Ellis

Campaign Detail: Cima secured Perry Ellis as a partner who designed a swimsuit specifically for the cover of best selling author, James Patterson. The suit was then sold exclusively at Macy’s who partnered in a promotion for the launch of the book which included a book signing appearance by James Patterson in Macy’s at Harold’s Square.

Surfer Dude and Dudettes hit the beach

Cima sent out an attractive “Dude” and “Dudette” in key markets to promote “Surfer, Dude.” They hit the sand in beach attire that included a “Surfer, Dude” branded towel and an inflatable surfboard to create buzz for the film in popular beach towns. Our duo encouraged people to have their picture taken (girls posed with our Dude and guys posed with our Dudette.) The digital photograph was sent via MMS TXT to the user’s phone with a frame: Surfer, Dude – In Theaters September. The street team also handed out Surfer, Dude drop cards. Overall, people loved the promotion and the chance to interact with our Surfer Dudes and Dudettes!

Hawaiian Tropic Ultimate Beach Party

Cima Entertainment executed an 18 Market national promotion using top Radio Stations to support Hawaiian Tropic’s Ultimate Beach Party promotion. The campaign reached a targeted audience (F12-24) through a collection of unique and powerful local promotions/events designed to feature Hawaiian Tropic… A Beach Dig, Tan Line contest, Sand Sculptures, and more! Consumers won concert tickets, trips to Hawaii, and other related events.

Elvis on Wheels


Cima created a highly visible and unique campaign to garner attention from consumers in key “Elvis” markets. This traffic-stopping promotion got people involved and having fun and left them with a story to tell their friends and family. Elvis impersonators hit the streets of Tennessee on their custom Elvis branded Segways – Elvis on wheels! Team Elvis handed out Elvis: The Miniseries Flipbooks to promote the new DVD.